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Buyers policy

AFROBOUBOU is a platform where you can buy products from sellers around the world. We want to make sure that your experience with AFROBOUBOU will be your best buying experience. Please read carefully this document to know more about your right and what is expected of you as a buyer.

This policy is a part of the said “General terms and conditions”, by opening a buyer account you’re agreeing to this policy and the said “General terms and conditions”.

Afroboubou limitations as an online sale platform

You are not buying directly from AFROBOUBOU, but from one of many talented sellers on the AFROBOUBOU platform.

It is on your seller's responsibility to determine their prices, shipment delay, payment methods (among those available on AFROBOUBOU), as well the general terms and conditions. Therefore AFROBOUBOU will not be held responsible for any incomplete purchase or sale made by a buyer or a seller. It is important to know that, it is on your seller's responsibility for following up the delivery of orders, so in case of delivery issue or litigation, it would be better to contact the seller before contacting AFROBOUBOU.


Your responsibility as a buyer Afroboubou limitations as an online sale platform

You vouch the accuracy of the provided information during the account creation on or during the order validation (first and last name, delivery address, phone number, etc.). Therefore, you will be held responsible if any error or non-compliance occurs on your delivery information or your account information.


Purchase, transaction, product returns


When you place an order, AFROBOUBOU withholds the payment until he receives your confirmation that the product has reached the delivery destination conform to its description on the AFROBOUBOU platform. Once you confirm on the AFROBOUBOU platform within the 14 days after the date of order receipt, that you have received the product, AFROBOUBOU releases the withhold and pays your seller the amount of the order after deduction of its commission. AFROBOUBOU gives you 14 days from the date of order receipt to confirm that the product has been received and/or to request a refund. Without your notification after those 14 days; AFROBOUBOU pays your seller the amount of the order after deduction of its commission. If you decide within those 14 days to return the product in order to get a refund or an exchange; you will receive the refund of the total amount of the order or a new transaction will be initiated once your seller receives the returned product. Whenever you place an order your seller receives a notification by email.


Litigation between you and the seller and/or AFROBOUBOU                            

We AFROBOUBOU are committed to give you a better experience on our platform. AFROBOUBOU will use whatever within his resources to avoid conflict or misunderstanding between members. Furthermore, in case of misunderstanding or conflict between you and AFROBOUBOU, we will do whatever is necessary ( negotiations, finding the source of the conflict,…) to gain a mutual agreement. Therefore, if no agreement found between you and AFROBOUBOU, the law in Quebec will be applied. In case of a conflict between you and your seller, AFROBOUBOU will do his best to find a mutual agreement between you and your seller otherwise the conflict will be brought to justice.

Communication between buyers and sellers

  • We are community, so please treat other AFROBOUBOU members with respect and kindness. Please communicate in a polite and responsible way with your sellers on AFROBOUBOU. Offensive language, defamation and inappropriate language have no place in AFROBOUBOU.
  • By opening a buyer account, you agree to authorize sellers and AFROBOUBOU to contact you via phone, email or AFROBOUBOU communication tool.
  • AFROBOUBOU provides you a feedback tool in Order to express your satisfactions or dissatisfactions regarding your seller services and/or products. The ratings assigned in this way, can build a reputation for your sellers or be used as an evaluation tool by your sellers and AFROBOUBOU.


NB : This policy is very important to us, without it AFROBOUBOU will not continue to exist. We expect from you nothing less a professional attitude. Any buyer who violates this policy will be banned from the platform.